Thursday, May 24, 2007

.Nerd Update

Been a long time...

A couple of headlines / tech updates caught my eye this morning.

First... did you notice the link for "New Bigger Attachements in Gmail"? Here are some details.
(By the way I am currently using 452 MB (15%) of my 2856 MB... that's almost 3 gigs of available space).

Just launched!

Increased attachment limit-- 20 MB!
Now you can start sharing more of those home videos, large presentations and files you just can't seem to get smaller. We have doubled the allowable attachment size to 20 MB to make your Gmail space even more useful.

Second... the auto-group at OSU made a headline of their own (From Autoblog)

Ford and Ohio State University are teaming up to attempt a double land speed record for fuel cell-powered vehicles. Ohio State already holds the land speed record for electrically driven vehicles at 315 mph with the battery-powered Buckeye Bullet. Now they are providing the motor and fuel cell that will power the Ford Fusion XV1 and the Buckeye Bullet 2 when they head out to Bonneville to try and set dual records for fuel cell powered vehicles in the unlimited and production classes.


  1. Another .nerd link for those of us stuck in front of a computer all day - Pandora is an online radio station that creates customized channels - you type in a band/song you like, and it generates a radio station with music of that type. I just typed in Tool and am now listening to Opiate.. "O-PI-ATE O-PI-ATE O-PI-ATE"... song two is Kill 'Em All.. haha.. HELP, they're in my head!!

  2. Pandora is super sweet. They've been in the news recently too... they just inked a deal with Sprint, you can stream pandora radio to your phone (I belive Sprint has a similar deal with sirius sattelite radio).

    By the way... several big pod casters have their shows broadcast via Sirius... google the Dawn & Drew Show.

    FYI: Ed Loves podcasts!

  3. Official Cavs Pod-cast here...

  4. Pandora is the shit! You can modify your stations and save them. Its the best way I can think of to expose yourself to new music that you know will fit your style. I like how they call it the music genome project. Ed also likes wearing socks and underwear.