Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting?

Not if you take sides with the intellects of the NFL. It sounds more like Everybody is Doggy Dog Fighting. Shit everybody is doing it, judges, cops, pro-football players; I even heard Erick and Traci were hosting a dog fight Friday night in there newly cleaned out basement.

Morons, they ought to sew there mouths shut before they officially enter the NFL.


  1. you gotta read the whole article to appreciate it. I guess appreciate isn't really the right word for it. But its almost as if President Bush is being interviewed by how Portis makes light of such twisted behavior. Everyone knows dogs are for fighting babies, not each other, anyway.

  2. Ha - I'm pretty sure I know where a cock-fighting farm is out in the country.. just before the TN border actually. Pretty big lot full of individual cages for the cocks. I have yet to be invited to an actual fight though.. here's to hoping.

  3. Cat herding... that's my bag!