Sunday, May 13, 2007

And I'm not even baked...

I know that some of you in the Blogger realm are reaching a time in your lives where you may be thinking of adding your own twist to the gene pool. I am fine with that as long as you start all of your offspring on this album collection. There is far more than just Metallica. The covers of songs are great. Even you corporate types can't get in trouble for listening to this at work.

I'm ready to expand my collection. There must be at least 8 albums I would get just to put myself to bed.

If I knew of this during the Eastview years, many of us would still be sitting in the attic.


  1. The Cover art for those albums are sweet.

  2. Tool? Are you serious? I'm not sure what to think. Is anyone going to order one of those?

  3. I will get one or more with time. The samples on Amazon are sweet. Once there are more used copies out there I will get some.

  4. There's actually a series of bluegrass records entitled "Pickin' On...". They cover Zeppelin, Floyd, Santana, etc. Pick one up for a mellow porch smoke. It's a stone groove.