Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thats sooooo METAL!!!!!!

The Swedish Government wont allow a family to name their daughter Metallica! And some of you thought the Patriot act was bad... Gorman take Sweden off your map. This small article is full of great quotes...

(I dont normally do the ATB full article copy/paste but this was too good!)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Metallica may be a cool name for a heavy metal band, but a Swedish couple is struggling to convince officials it is also suitable for a baby girl.

Michael and Karolina Tomaro are locked in a court battle with Swedish authorities, which rejected their application to name their six-month-old child after the legendary rock band.

"It suits her," Karolina Tomaro, 27, said Tuesday of the name. "She's decisive and she knows what she wants."

Although little Metallica has already been baptized, the Swedish National Tax Board refused to register the name, saying it was associated with both the rock group and the word "metal."
Tomaro said the official handling the case also called the name "ugly."

The couple was backed by the County Administrative Court in Goteborg, which ruled on March 13 that there was no reason to block the name. It also noted that there already is a woman in Sweden with Metallica as a middle name.

The tax agency appealed to a higher court, frustrating the family's foreign travel plans.
"We've had to cancel trips and can't get anywhere because we can't get her a passport without an approved name," Tomaro said.


  1. Nice! Talk about free tickets for life!

    Here's another "METAL MOMENT" from Keith Richards. Apparently he snorted his father's ashes... here's an excerpt.

    Keith Richards admits ingesting all manner of substances in his time. But none quite as bizarre as he reveals in his latest confession: he snorted his fathers ashes.

    In a wide-ranging interview published today, the 63-year-old veteran of tequila breakfasts and drug marathons described how he once sampled his fathers ashes mixed with cocaine. “The strangest thing Ive tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father,” he told NME magazine.

    “He was cremated and I couldnt resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldnt have cared, he didnt give a shit. It went down pretty well, and Im still alive.”

  2. That is pretty Metal - although, I thought Metallica was a boy's name.. and I like how they mention that little Metallica has already been baptized - I wonder if the water boiled.

    In other Metallica news - they've officially entered to studio to begin recording their next album.. which means we may actually get an album before 2009.

  3. I heard Slick Rick Rubin was making it.