Monday, April 23, 2007

RISE UP!!!: LBJ is made of Steel!

LeBron and company have 1 down and 15 more to go. LeBron went down in the second half and the entire Cavs nation skipped several beats of the heart. Then after commercial break, LBJ came right back and dominated. As Joe Tait (Cavs announcer) said "Coming back after rolling your ankle like that!?!?!... He must be made of steel."

Uhh, Joe, he is... Anyhoo... hop on the bandwagon, it'll be a fun ride. the Cavs nation promises 40 acres and a mule to every new "settler". Just ask Dashing Brody Wakefield, he took his welcome gift and moved to Pheonix.

In other news, I've got tired of looking at the old posts so I felt a little LBJ propoganda was in order. Anybody doing anything fun this week? ATB, how is the car? Is it gobbling up the $5/gal gas?



  1. Anyone have predictions for the playoffs? Given the hindsight of the first weekend my predictions (guesses) are:


    Pistons ---- Bulls

    Cavs ---- Cavs

    Bulls --- Bulls


    Rockets ---- Mavs

    Spurs ----- Suns

    Mavs ---- Mavs


    Bulls --- Mavs

    If I were wagering actual money, I'd have a Pistons-Mavs finals with the Mavs winning. Though I think the Bulls, Pistons, and Cavs could all win the East. I think the Heat are a paper tiger.

  2. First of all, Pat, real brave picking a Pistons- Mavs final. You're a regular Swami.
    I'm going Cavalier glory all the way to the Finals against the Street-ballin' Phoenix Suns. (It's the only chance I have of getting people to come visit me.) So buy your tickets to Phoenix now while they're still cheap!

  3. Haha - that's a pretty good call out Brody.. Clearly exposing that I actually didn't follow the season too closely - especially compared to Eddie and Lobao who are able to argue the minutiae down to who deserves the 15th spot on the Cavs' playoff roster.

    Having said that, lots of folks picked the Suns or the Spurs in the West, and some picked the Heat - so it's at least not obvious that the Mavs will go.

    I was able to dig up these odds on making the finals:

    Dallas Mavericks 6-5
    Phoenix Suns 3-1
    San Antonio Spurs 5-1
    Detroit Pistons 8-1
    Miami Heat 10-1
    Chicago Bulls 18-1
    Cleveland Cavaliers 20-1
    Houston Rockets 30-1
    Denver Nuggets 35-1
    Toronto Raptors 40-1
    Utah Jazz 50-1
    Los Angeles Lakers 60-1
    Golden State Warriors 100-1
    Los Angeles Clippers 100-1
    New Jersey Nets 100-1
    Orlando Magic 100-1
    Washington Wizards 100-1

    Frankly, I'm surprised that the Wiz aren't 10,000-1 - and as Kevin says: "Anytime someone gives you 10,000 to 1 odds, you take it. If John Mellencamp wins an Oscar, I'm going to be a very rich man."

  4. Great post Gordo! How ever are you sure those arent win the title odds?

    Doing the loose math It would appear the Pistons at 8-1 are the best bet in sports. There are 8 teams in the east...

    God I hate the Pistons!


  5. Oops, good catch - those are odds to win it all.. here's the link.. I guess that makes the Pistons' number make more sense..

  6. Thank god the Cavs got the 2 seed... that dramatically increases their chances of making the Eastern Conference finals again.

    I think the bulls match up surprisingly well against the heat... the cavs... not so much.

    Check out the ESPN Cavs playoff page for schedules... they play tomorrow @ 8:00pm EST...

    We are all Witnesses!!

  7. Anonymous9:09 AM


    They didn't make the ECF last year, a blown rebound in game 6, and the Piston mystique got in game 7 of the semis.


  8. Good team, but they're not going to go all the way - not this year anyway.

    But the Baron expects great things in the near future. Enjoy the next few years. It will be a fun ride indeed.

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM

    The Baron!! Yarrr! Unmask ye self! Or yar earn ye self a one way trip to the boneyard!!