Monday, April 30, 2007


Something Browns fans can be excited about... and something blog fans can look at besides a 39 line, single spaced eyesore about some bar none of ever go to...

Welcome to the Browns Bandwagon, Mr. R. Patrick Gorman, its a sparsly filled depressing wagon, but reserve your VIP seat cuz space will be filling up in a few years!!!!!


  1. Who are those mnrels tthen? I why should i divert my attention to them from UK sports?

  2. Haha - Thanks for saving me a seat.. I hope this draft goes down as the LeBron draft for the Browns.. I think Quinn could be great in the pros - no one will work harder. All aboard!

  3. Somehow Indianapolis is the luckiest team in the NFL. They got 3 Buckseyes, didn't they?