Monday, March 19, 2007


Pittsburgh just got a lot cooler... they've got city-wide wifi! We're sitting in a starbucks and rather than shell out the cash for the t-mobile connection we can get two hours free on the city's network. It's not the fastest connection in the world, but at least it's free. Looking at the connection page you can pay $8 for a full day of access, and up to $120 for a full year. Of course I've got lots of questions... how's the coverage throughout the city, how secure is it, how well does it penetrate buildings?

Enough of the tech... Traci and I have had a good time. Did you know Pittsburgh is the number 2,789th most popular place for spring break? Yea it's wild, wet t-shirt contests on every corner, and test-tube shot glasses are everywhere. But seriously, we had a good time on St. Patricks day. We ended up at Mullaneys, which was very similar to a byrnes experience, a large crowded tent, a crowded interior, and lots of drunk people dancing jigs to Irish bands.

Pittsburgh is a walkable city. The downtown area is relatively compact and we've had fun just walking around, popping into bars along the strip district and stopping for lunch / dinner and watching basketball. Yesterday we spent some time in the Andy Warhol Museum and today we've got some shopping planned.

Anyway, once I get back home I'll post some pictures.

PEACE OUT from Pittsburgh!

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Have fun at JT!! Diva T- I think we are addicted to his concert. Joe and Erick might need to schedule an intervention! ha ha