Monday, March 05, 2007

Man Weekend

I know this is stepping beyond my typical event planning mindset of "don't make plans more than 45 minutes in advance"... but I think I may be able to drum up some support / interest for two events this weekend.

The Columbus Auto-show opens up this weekend. I've never actually attended an auto-show on the opening weekend, so I typically sit in cars with all sorts of missing radio knobs / shifters / and buttons. Also next weekend Traci and I have some spring break travel plans so it's either this weekend or a weeknight next week. Tickets are $8 at the door, although I tend to get a couple of free pairs cause I'm on a Jeep mailing list.

This weekend's auto show hours are
Friday 7pm - 10pm
Saturday 10am - 10pm
Sunday 11am - 9pm

I think this could make for some excellent blog material (i.e. pictures of me in every single hatchback at the show... either Ed or Jimmy will have to be designated camera men). Check out this sweet Fiat Punto!

Second:That's right, we've been seeing trailers for 300 during every major sporting event for the past two months. The movie finally hits theaters this Friday and I just got off the phone with the people at the Cross woods imax who said they'll post this weekends show times by tomorrow morning (right now they're only showing the Thursday midnight showtimes).

So who's with me? Since the auto show is downtown it usually works well as a pre-bar hopping experience, so how does Friday night sound? 300 could be a Saturday afternoon / hangover helper experience... just need to get the showtimes...

Plan accordingly!!

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