Thursday, March 08, 2007

another time killer/great band

Click the post title to see the website of a band called Menomena. I've seen them a few times here and they are traveling to Cleveland soon. They are very good, especially if you like sounds like Radiohead. They're a 3-peice, but trade instruments during the whole show. I think they won best band in portland in 2004. That's how I heard of them. They got on the cover of our "other paper," "The Mercury."

Back then, the site was set up like that. I was suprised to see it still in its kinterdarten splendor. Well, they have added a somewhat nicer landing page., but if you click on iamthefunblamemonster, ('i am the first menomena album' all jumbled up) you go to this strange place. Don't stare at it for more than 5 min at a time.

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