Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Street Cars?

Think Columbus is ready for Street cars? We've been hearing about proposals & studies for the last 6 years. Recently however the plans seem to gain momentum. I'm a big fan of public transportation, anytime you can get where you want without dealing with traffic & parking rocks... especially in dense / swinging places like the short north / arena district.

Anyway click on the link for a Collen Marshall story that doesn't really say anything... just gauges opinion from two different people about the Columbus proposal. More importantly what are your thoughts? If we had a downtown loop-line I could see my self actually visiting different sections of town. Also a High Street line would be a must and would help out the brewery district. Imagine bar hoping from campus to the short north, and then down to the brewery district. Yea that's possible now on the bus... but it doesn't seem as visible or "regular" as a street car could be.


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM


    When was the last time you took the bus?

  2. It's probably been about two years... I can remember taking it down to campus for a buckeye game. I understand the point, but a street car could be more visible, cleaner, and more reliable (i.e. you'll get a little info board telling you how much longer till the train hits.)

  3. Portland is completely jacked when it comes to driving a car. I didn't realize how nice it is to drive in Columbus until I got here. I'm not going to even mention how shitty Oregonian drivers are. Public trasportation encourages drinking. Nice, huh? I took the bus for the first 4 months I worked at WebMD because my office was downtown. We moved out of downtown and I can't believe how much I like the public system now that I can't use it. Think of all the other events you would go to, if you didn't have to drive and park there. I'm only talking about convenience here. Its nice. I hear its good for the Earf. Whats an Ozone warning, anyway?

  4. The streetcar system will be awesome once it's implimented. I've got a lot of opinions on it listed over here if you're interested in reading. ;)


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