Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter Blogging Season

Note: This was written on Saturday Feb 17th

A major contributing factor to my reduced blogging levels over the past few months has been the Wifi outage at Staufs. Traci and I still manage to spend a couple of hours here on Saturdays, however with no Wifi I really haven't been able to access all of my blogging tools. It hasn't all been bad though, the lack of Wifi has forced me to re-mix some new tracks put together by Alex during December and January. Personally I think it's some of Alex's greatest lyrical work; if you remember his OU song back in the day, it's kinda like that but more mature and touches on all things Ohio. Here's a look at a possible cover... see if you can identify the significance of the individual pics.

Once I figure out a good way to distribute the audio I'll post some of the juiciest cuts here.

Alright, rather than overwhelm the short attention span that goes along with reading a blog... I will break up this post into a few smaller ones in the hopes that people will actually read and maybe even comment.


  1. I have had the cd for a month now and listening to it on and off now, I would have to go with "walkin out a pool hall" or " first in flight" as my favorite.

  2. Thanks for kudos Lubjo. My favorite so far is WKRP:Cinci-Tucky or The Ballad of Lima Company. When these are done they sound pretty solid. Also by the way I was filling up my gas tank tonight at the BP down the street from my house, an hour later or so, the roof collapsed right on the gaspumps and the cars below. These would be the fourth time I've narrowly escaped death. Read more: