Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crazy Weather

Well, I had yet another day off school due to the weather. Even Ohio State closed which almost never happens. Erick is stuck out in Iowa where he was doing some work. Apparently the casinos aren't too great on a Monday night in the middle of a small town. He was supposed to fly in tonight, but due to the weather he won't be coming home until tomorrow.
Stay warm and be safe everyone!!


  1. Yea... my flight into O'hare was canceled and the flight into CMH was canceled as well.

    Last night I was in Davenport Iowa... tonight Dubuque, which has a River boat casino as well...

    Wish me luck.

  2. Believe it or not i am glad to be in Wisconsin. There is no snow here..whoo hoo, hopefully it will clear up by Sat. when i fly back.

    Hope everyone has a Happy Chinese New Year. Its Sunday, the year of the PIG!

  3. I felt your pain Erick, I headed toward Kansas City Tuesday morning (nothing like flying into the eye of the storm) and made it as far as O'Hare. Where of course my flight was canceled. I sat there all day. The 5:40pm from O'Hare to good old CMH got me home although the plane almost slid off the runway when it was landing.

    Happy Tr