Thursday, January 11, 2007

Natural Draw

According to a number of media outlets, Posh Spice and Becks will make daily appearances on E! Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and all those other celeb-gossip shows beginning this summer. That's right, we'll get daily updates on what they're wearing, which starbucks they walk out of and what kinda of ridiculously expensive car they drive away in.

Beckam is coming to America. He signed a > $250 million dollar deal with MLS to play for the LA Galaxy. Personally I know I'm three times as likely to watch a crew game now (when the Galaxy are in town).

What's the euro take ATB? Is he selling out for the cash / fame? Is he scared of facing "real competition" on a regular basis? Just curious.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    I think he is going to get into acting. But for that much money, I would live just about anywhere. Oh ley oh ley oh ley oh ley.....


  2. Is he selling out!? what do you think? As ambitious as MLS is, it's still shite. Beckhams official line is that he didn't want to return to EPL as he played for Man Utd and anyone else would be a 'lesser' club. The way they are playing this season, thanks mainly to beckhams 21 year old replacement Cristiano Ronaldo, i'd say he's right...anyone else is a lesser club.
    But what he's really saying is that he wants to be the biggest fish in the pond. Yes - he's getting paid a boatload of cashola, Yes - he or poshwill get into acting. But the main thing is that he can ply his trade next to a bunch of numptees and look like the dog's bollocks while only cruising on 50%.
    He's sold out. He doesn't even want to try anymore. He's lost so much respect from people here who genuinely believed he did a good job as England captain.
    I also wonder how much of this is driven by 'tradition'. By that I wonder if he's trying so hard to emulate the career of George Best - another Man Utd Legend who moved to the US in his twilight days - that he thinks this will aid the comparison. It won't. He's still got good legs left in him and he's chosen not to use them. Instead he's just cashing in.