Monday, January 29, 2007

Freedom Fighters?

Alabama is home to some pretty archaic beer laws (surprise, surprise) - you can't buy beer that's stronger than 6% and can't buy bottles larger than 16 oz. - which makes it pretty hard to enjoy a nice cold 40oz bottle of Olde English on a Friday night. Under the weight of this oppression, we did what freedom fighters have done all over the world - took matters into our own hands. Here's the opening ceremony of our first batch of home-brew - a Triple Hopped Ale. We just bottled an American Ale yesterday, and have a Stout up next. The recipes (so far we've just bought kits with everything pre-measured) cost between $20-$30 and we get about 48 bottles out of a batch.. so after a few batches we should start "saving" money.

Over at they've hired a full time lobbyist in Montgomery to get these laws appealed, and in the meantime, we'll be home brewing and driving 25 minutes north to Tennessee whenever we need "high octane" beer. Kinda reminds me of Indiana, when we'd have to drive to Michigan if we wanted to buy beer on a Sunday (but yet, you could buy kegs at a liquor store and the bars stayed open until 3)..

On another note - I'll be flying back up to the Capital City Thursday night to spend a weekend in celebration of Super Bowl XLI.. I'll be around until late Monday -


  1. Sweet. Any chance you can bring back a bottle or three to share? I can reimburse you with several 40s of the malt liquor of your choice!

    And speaking of "high octane", have you guys considered distilling whiskey? Any legal repercussions?

  2. Unfortunately, the first batch has already done been drunk.. otherwise I'd bring some up.. I'm sure at some point I'll be able to bring some. I don't know what all would be involved in home brewing whiskey - but (Alabama) Andy's father in law does "know a guy" who makes moonshine...

    On a "not worth an entire post" note - King James will be on Letterman this Thursday.