Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Costa Rica-ca-ca-ca

Hola amigo's,
sorry it's been so long snce I posted, life has been a little hectic with work - not had a single day off since january 1st....23 days straight and counting. Anyway, i need a holiday - i'm thinking Costa Rica. Has anyone been before? Any advice? places to see? etc, etc, etc....


  1. Word... work has picked up for me over the last month, hence my lack of blogging last week.

    Also I obviously baited you with my last few posts... ATB in da house!

    As for the rich coast; Joe and Erin went there on their honeymoon. They mentioned rain forests and mountain lagoon pools and crazy tribal dudes with blow guns and poisonous darts (I might be making up the last part?)

    Anyhoo I'm sure you improved your Spanish on your trip to Peru... but Joe will have some details.

  2. I didn't rise to the bait. Nice exchnage rate for me though....let's hope that bubble doesn't burst too soon.
    What do you know about 'USA transit visas?'
    Apprently you're globally-loved country now requires folks to obtain a visa just to walk through an international airport to board a flight straight out again. And to be 'processed' by immigration during that time.

  3. Andy, Costa Rica is my favorite place on the planet. You can drive from the Atlantic/Carribbean Coast to the Pacific Coast in about 6 hours. There is a resort in a rain forest built next to a volcano with dammed up creeks that are heated by the lava and serve as outdoor natural hot tubs. You've got several different good beaches to choose from. Tamarindo in the northwest and it has a surfer dude feel with plenty of Californians. Puerto Viejo is in the Southeast and it has a Rastafarian/Carribean vibe with volcanic black sand beaches. Manuel Antonio is my favorite, it is just south of the capital (San Jose) and it features natural parks and jungle trails replete with monkeys iguanas and plenty of good beaches. We rented a jeep there for about $700 for 12 days and it was worth every penny. I bet the exchange rate there now is about 400 Colones to the Dollar. Call me if you are seriously considering a trip.

  4. good use of the word 'replete'. i liked that.
    what's your email/number?

  5. you guys might want to give google talk a shot for all your voice communication needs. Or skype. Anyone out there use skype? I've got an account but I don't really use it cause I got no one to talk to.

    ATB... install google talk on your work machine and get your self a microphone and we'll chat away... sans international calling rates. Check out this picture of me at work... yea I'm ready and waiting.

  6. no can do at work holmes - the boss would take a dickie fit. How's about this weekend some time Joseph? can we conference call?

  7. Yeah, call me 513 761 0628 or email me, or we can do a conference thingy. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was at a seminar all day.

  8. Anonymous3:08 AM

    would be a nice trip!