Monday, January 22, 2007

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle


  1. Who's #8 ? He's wearing a white hat... playing the cow bell... and he's laying down a heavy pelvic thrust!

  2. Haha - Maury Buford - there are a lot of classic names on that team.. Matt Suhey being just one of 'em.. This site brings back the memories:

    '85 Bears

  3. Ok, ok, endulge me for just one more second.. looking at that site, the Bears '85 playoff run:

    Bears 21, Giants 0
    Bears 24, Rams 0
    Bears 46, Patriots 10

    and these guys were getting paid peanuts! Most of 'em were between $100 and $300k, with McMahon and Payton at the top:

    Fridge $138,250
    Singletary $200,000
    Dent $90,000 (Super Bowl MVP!)
    McMahon $600,000
    Payton $685,000

    No wonder the Fridge is still working..

  4. 90 G's in 1985 dollars equals $159,719.52 in 2005. $685,000 in 1985 translates to a little over $1.2 million. Still chicken shit money compared to pro sports today.

    My 1985 pro football memories...
    -McMahon's neckband
    -Patriots had a short lived 3-0 lead in the superbowl
    -The Patriots answer to the Super Bowl Shuffle, the rather queer "Patriots Are We"
    -After the superbowl I sent in my Cheerios's UPC's and $1.95 for my #72 GI Joe. I will make a trip to an Inglis Ave basement, I'm sure he's chillin under some dust and spider webs

  5. I am not sure about this, Pat maybe you can help me here but did you and your parents watch the Superbowl at my parents house? I have a strange recollection of watching the game with the Gormans.

  6. Good memory - we did come over and watch the game at your parents' place.. we were still living in the double on Lincoln at that point..

  7. My uncle Jim played high school football with Jim Morisee (spelling?) in Flint, MI. I think he played for the Bears in 85. No relation to Jim "gay-boy" Woodland.