Friday, December 15, 2006

Wiimote straps recalled: yeah, all of them!

This is pulled straight up from engadget, Click on the title if you don't believe me...

Well, how 'bout that... on top of the 200k DS and DS Lite AC adapters being recalled this morning, Nintendo just announced an additional recall of 3.2 million straps for their Wii Remote Control. Whereas the AC adapter recall is said to be limited to Japan, the Wiimote strap recall is most definitely worldwide affecting "all Wiis sold" to date and most of the units still on shelves. So yeah, your strap is on the list for recall if you own a Wii. Whether the broken strap claims were bogus or not is now moot, the perception certainly exists that there's a problem with California class-actions sure to follow. So kudos to Nintendo for acting relatively quickly to address the issue before it snowballed into another Sony "rootkit" fiasco. No information on how to return your strap for the new beefier version, but you'll know as soon as we do.

Update: Thanks to tipster Stefan for digging into Nintendo's bowels and unearthing the replacement request form. Good news, looks like they'll simply ship the new strap without the mess of having to return the old one.

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  1. By the way I'm still looking for a PS3 review from Jimmy and a Wii review from Ed. If I had a decent camera I'd definitely help out by taking pictures.

    All you would need is a brief description of your set up and some bullet points for positives and negatives. You guys took the "next-gen" plunge so share the love.