Wednesday, December 06, 2006

New Years

I know it may seem early, but some of us have been talking about what to do for New Years. We were thinking about doing what we did last year - dinner on Grandview Ave somewhere and then party back at our house. Anyone is invited and of course, the more the merrier. People can always show up anytime at our house for the party festivities - JT will be played at some point :)

We would like to get a count for dinner so we can confirm a reservation. Right now it's between Z Cucina and Shoku. Let us know if you are interested and we can get things rollin... Thanks!


  1. E and I are down with whatever. Maybe I will buy some stogeys to spark at midnight.

    And if anyone liked that last Katt Williams link, here is another one:

  2. Kelly and I are in. Z gets our vote for dinner. It's pretty good.

    Thanks for having a party, last year kicked ass!

  3. Myself +1 are in for the party, but I have plans for dinner already. Call me if you need a an 5 gallon bottle of three olives vodka. HO HO HO

  4. H and I are in for the party although we already have plans for dinner.

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Ok I am going to call the owner of Z Cucina- I have already been talking with him.

    I am going to make a reservation for 10--
    that leaves 2 last minute people.

    If it doesn't work out.. I will let you know!
    :) Marissa

  6. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Well... they need a credit card number at Z Cucina (and will charge it $25.00) for no shows; and I am not interested in giving mine out. I do have a back-up reservation at Shoku- they are very laid back about the whole thing....

    I am going to talk to Traci and figure something out..

  7. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Ok... so here are the choices I have got for restaraunts in Grandview.

    1) I have a reservation at 6pm (they could not do 7 pm) at Trattoria Roma for 8 people (they were nice and did not need a credit card). They have a limited menu that we can check out on website.

    2) I have a reservation at Shoku for 20 people at 7 pm(which I am going to call a week before and change it to 8 people as of now).

  8. If the group would be interested in Trattoria, I know quite a few people that work there as well as the owner. I am quite sure that he would accomidate us with whatever we need.

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    James and I will be there but we will most likely go somewhere else for dinner...we will definetly see you all afterwards