Friday, December 29, 2006

Dinner / Drinks?

Traci and Marissa have headed up the New Years dinner planning committee and they've done an excellent job. Brad and I however have decided to form and lead the dinner alcohol committee. Since Shoku doesn't have the proper liquor license to serve on Sundays, they allow you to bring your own. From my point of view that should save us a ton of money, rather than everyone paying $5 for a foo-foo drink we can make our own.

So lets get the ball rolling... any thoughts on drinks? Should we pre-mix a couple batches of different drinks? I'm a big fan of margaritas... and the ladies may enjoy some cosmos. Any suggestion is welcome and will be considered by the drink committee (Please note the Shoku management already forbid 40s).


  1. :) Kelly also helped with dinner arrangements!

    As for what we'll have at the house...I'm going to make some dessert type stuff tomorrow (so if you have any requests say them now) and also some salty items. We have 3 bottles of champagne, a couple bottles of wine, lots of liquor and we're still working on the beer. We're going to make Jello shots again and thought about making some kind of mixed drink.
    Sound good?!
    Gorman, you need to drive up this weekend, no excuses!

  2. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Thanks for putting together such an awesome spread Diva T:) Jello shots could prove to be dangerous!
    Remember OSU/Mich??
    I would like to suggest dirty martinis- Marissa, are you in?
    Joe and I will bring Captn', wine, and champagne!

  3. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I am in for anything, but if only me and E want dirty martinis, we could have that and cosmos or margaritas- I like everything.

    But of course I am in!
    Ed and I will bring stuff of course... we can talk about it this weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    I am excited :)
    I am just happy for 3 days off with no work.

  4. Thank you Erick and Traci. This is going to kick ass!

    Just a reminder, some liquor stores are closed on Sunday, and if I remember right from the Eastview Daze, the one on 5th Ave is closed Sunday.

    Do you need more mixers and stuff?

  5. I just looked through last years pictures...who brought the cigars??

  6. I will bring some cigar-sizzle.

  7. Anyone mind taking over my role as flickr fiend? I've yet to replace my digi-cam... right now we're stuck with film which will delay the blogging ;(

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Joe brought the cigars:)
    Should he bring some this year? Guys I am talking to you!

  9. The cigars were money... really made the night in my opinion... chilling on the front porch watching the downtown fireworks was clutch.

  10. We have some high quality 98 RON diesel that people run french cars on over here (yes, cars - not jsut agricultural machinery - they are french, it's all the same to them). It's pricey, but if you huff it from a glass jar you get one hell of a buzz - does Shoku's license cover that?

    I'm going to Edinburgh dressed as a PILOT for new years. Apprently there are gale warnings.....I'll never get lift off