Tuesday, July 18, 2006


For all you windows users trying to organize and edit your photos... I suggest Picasa (by google). It's easy to learn and after just a few clicks you can do things that I are buried under three separate menus in photoshop. Check out this example... a blurry shot I took just after the big group pic. Well after a pushing a few buttons and moving some sliders around it became my new background. I'm actually posting this picture using Picasa (you can also use it to upload pics to flickr). Anyhoo, just a quick .nerd post.

Ever heard of sketch up? That might be my next .nerd post. Posted by Picasa


  1. I always like to learn something new. Thank you Erick.

  2. We Use Skethc-up pro a lot here at work for 3d modelling etc. Yuo can export your models to google earth(and even import ones others have made...check out the taj Mahal!). it also links with ArcView and allows you to do some pretty easy 3d modelling.