Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Godspeed Syd, wish you were here!

It has just come to my attention that a legend in the music world has died. Syd Barrett, a founder of Pink Floyd, has died. The man spent the last three decades in seclusion, but had written some of the most off the wall and daring music of the last 100 years. Floyd's early years really kicked off the psychedelia movement of the 60's and changed the sound of music forever. After the Beatles did Sullivan they went home and hung out with Syd and the boys for a while. When they came back they had the sound that most of us recognize as their best stuff. All of us may not know much of his work, but we have all felt the effect of Syd Barrett. So fitting that it happened on the full moon too. Syd has gone home.

Shine on you crazy diamond!!!


  1. Thanks for poting that man. I've always been real intrigued by Syd Barrett'S life. Crazy brilliant mamajamma.

  2. He was way off base, yet it proved to be just what we wanted. He and Roger Wright even called the band The Megadeaths before Syd suggested the mixing the names of a couple of American blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. From that point on we tried to keep up. He only wrote a handfull of songs, and was a member of the band for less time than Kurt Cobain was a sweater model. Both people burnt like a cannon fuse, but the shot was heard 'round the world. One used lead and the other LSD. Crazy Diamonds.