Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Get up, stand up...Don't give up the fight.

While reading the news this morning I saw an article about the boy who has been court ordered to continue chemotherapy against the wishes of himself and his parents. He has tried it and decided to take more of a Wholistic approach. (Look for more on this story, it's a WTF kind of tale.)

For decades our government has been telling us what to do to our bodies and how to treat illness because they feel that whatever their panel of "experts" decide is as good as the word of God.(That's a blogging for a different day.) Whether it's a vaccine, a new "approved" drug, or just a way you are supposed to live, they seem to not believe in a right to choose and I'm not talking abortion.(Yet another blogging for another day.)

We are a society that takes a pill for everything. We want results now. Rather that addressing the issue of why the pill was necessary to begin with, just take the new pill and you will be fine. Remind anyone of Brave New World? We even take pills in order to stop taking pills. What the diddly?? (A little Flanders for Erick)

All of you that know me are well aware that I am not the model of health. I do however take my vitamins and load up on the ones that I seem to drain on Dart Night. I don't care for prescriptions. Oddly most of them are better suited for recreational use rather than prolonged prescriptions with refills. Even taking Antibiotics for everything has created Uber-Strains of bacteria that don't respond to treatment anymore. The imune systems of people have gone to shit. I'm not saying that anyone needs to lick the floor or eat a handfull of dirt, but a little won't hurt. It may even make you a little stronger. Even being aware of how many things are made primarily of High Fructose Corn Syrup can astound you. If you were to graph the use of HFCS it would almost mirror a similar graph of the obesity in the US. From my personal favorite, Mountain Dew, to the topping we reach for when were trying to be healthy, salad dressing, the stuff is every where. We may be better off using all that corn for Ethanol rather than Corn Syrup. If nothing else we would have plenty of Moonshine.(Clean cars and alternate fuels to be covered on yet another Blog in the future.) A battery powered car will not haul a fat ass american family accross the country to see the Grand Canyon.

Take a minute to read the article linked above and checkout the site too. It's not the "word of God" but it does make some good points.

It's a long journey to change. There are many steps between where we are and where we are going. It's worth it though if we believe there is something better beyond the horizon.

Please use the comments section on this one. I'm interested to see what the consensus view is.


  1. Before you read my personal comments on some of the quotes from the article I should say that in
    spite of himself the author highlights a valid point in his article. Our personal health is
    something that each and every one of us should take personal responsibility for, relying on
    government, corporations or another person is just lazy and stupid.
    That said he does exactly with this article what he accuses the FDA and large corportations of doing
    and that is fear mongering... i wonder if the author could honestly tell me some of the passages
    here were not meant to call people to action by inciting fear????

    "corporate exploitation of the people" I don't understand this...
    - Corporations are owned and run by people. this statement acts as if they are 2 seperate bodies.
    Granted as per the definition of corporation below states a corporation is in fact a seperate legal
    entity.... but it is also defined as a group of people acting as one body. So are there large groups
    of people exploiting other people just because they are shareholders of a corporation?
    - A body that is granted a charter recognizing it as a separate legal entity having its own rights,
    privileges, and liabilities distinct from those of its members.
    - A group of people combined into or acting as one body.

    "continued assaults on health freedom by the FDA and conventional medicine"
    - This is the most obsurd thing I have ever heard. If you want to state that the FDA is against
    letting people kill themselves then that wold be a valid statement. I do however appreciate a
    government agency making an attempt at reducing its overall health bill which I would assume is part
    of the FDA's purpose. The governemts doctor bill does after all get passed directly on to us the Tax
    paying Americans.

    "poisoning our children with psychotropic drugs, injecting toxic chemicals into the food supply,
    dripping fluoride into public waters, injecting babies with mercury-laced vaccines and drugging our
    population with harmful medications all while calling it "economic growth" because money happened to
    change hands."

    - This is the most obsurd statement I have ever heard. If you are intersted in the facts follow the below link

    But here are some snippts from the site
    1940 - 63 avg life exp
    1997 - 76 avg life exp
    from what I saw on this site with regard to diseases related deaths there is a mix of increases and decreases but most of the major increases are in areas that would be directly affected by obesity. From what I know about cancer cancer related deaths would also rise with the obesity rates as people are less likely to detect tumors in early stages when they can be treated when they are obese

    "...a concept that remains utterly absent from the philosophy of modern medicine today, including
    virtually all the non-profit cancer groups and disease organizations."

    This tangent is also fairly obsurd... Any REAL Oncologist who has gone through years and years of
    Med school will tell you all the facts regarding cancer treatment. If there are any Voodo treatments
    out there that you wish to try in helping fight cancer consuming your body they will give you the
    medical facts about the said treatment and the facts only. they will also tell you whether or not
    the treatment will hurt you or not. If it will not they will suggest that you go ahead and give it a
    try, they openly admit they do not know everything about treating cancer, and also that hope is an
    important part of the treatment

  2. Good points indeed. You touched on the primary point right off the bat. Our health is our resposibility. The author surely had an agenda he was wishing to serve. His point of view is molded by the point he wishes to make.Good comment Andy. As always, well stated.