Thursday, July 20, 2006

Class of 96 Reunion

Hey all you GHHS Class of 96. You need to quit being lazy bums and send in your RSVP for the reunion with your check. Food needs to be ordered so get it in ASAP its next week. We need to know how many people are coming so we can order enough food.

For those of you who arent coming, Gorman and Labao have a message for you.


  1. Looks like Ammanda still has you by the balls after all these years.

    I love that shit

  2. The invitation is long gone, but I plan on being there. Please pass that along to the powers that be. I'm sure I'll be subject to some kind of late fee, but I'm sure it will be worth it. By the way, I'll be collecting $50/head for all of you that leave the party to drink in my backyard. Payment to cover some beer and ice, and the eventual disturbing the peace ticket that will surely come, and if there is cash left over we can get some heavy hor'deurves.