Thursday, July 13, 2006

August 5th vs July 22nd?

Bachelor Party Schedule may change... quick show of hands... who prefers August 5th over July 22nd? (Really it's either the weekend before our reunion or the weekend after).

I found out yesterday that I could leave for a business trip on Sunday August 6th rather than Saturday the 5th. I think I can survive 4+ hours on a plane hung-over (and I may need to be dropped off at the airport once the party ends). Brad has been assured that both dates are open for the party bus so let me know which works best... I need to buy my tickets tomorrow at the latest.


  1. I plead the fiff'. 1,2,3,4,feef.

  2. The 5th is a lot better for me... I may have niece/nephew babysitting duty on the 22nd.

  3. If its on the 5th I will make sure it is the best bach. party of all-time, and you wont make your flight on sun. yes yes yes yes yes yes

  4. Looks like the 5th it is. I can take a 5:00pm flight on Sunday so making it shouldn't be a problem. This also frees up the 22nd for a trip to the Jazz and Rib fest!

    I'll send out an email to others who may not read the blog (i.e. Traci's Father... he's up for the extravaganza.)