Monday, June 12, 2006


Get your vocal chords warmed up for the classic chant... all who hear it cower in fear, and all who chant it are either; A-drunk, B-watching world cup, C-both, or D-watching pro wrestling / Jerry Springer! The US will play the Czech Republic in Gelsenkirchen Germany, game kicks off at 11:55am ET. I plan on taking a two hour lunch to soak in the world cup glory... if your in Columbus, I'll either be at Rush Creek Sports bar at the continent or at the BW3s at the US 23 crosswoods... live-blogging of course.

Italy plays Ghana at 3:00pm ET. These teams are in our group so pay attention (we play Italy this Saturday @ 3:00pm ET - I'm definitely watching this one at Crew Stadium).

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  1. i just watch 8 games in 2 days....just had 3 pints during my lunch and am currently trying to hide my state from my boss....i love the world cup!