Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sports Update

NBA Draft
I think the Cavs fared well. In the first round they picked Shannon Brown, a Michigan State high-flyer from Flint (Jeah!). His game is like Ron Lewis' of the Buckeyes, but a bit more refined. The Cavs also got P.J. Tucker, a point guard from a Texas team that was loaded with talent. Don't be suprised to see Tucker get a lot of playing time early due to the Cavs absence of a good, true, veteran point guard.
Another team that seemed to do well was the Portland Trailblazers. With three first round picks they took: LaMarcus Aldridge (young version of Amare Stoudemire), Brandon Roy (do-it-all "Shane Battier" type with offensive prowess) and Sergio Rodriguez (Spanish guy I've never heard of).

MLB - Reds
They have been suprisingly solid this year... so far. In recent years they have been known to choke after the all-star break. But last night they broke their home losing streak by belting 4 home runs against the KC Royals. And their starting pitching has been unexpectedly strong. Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang both have 9 wins already, and will compete for the NL Cy Young Award if they keep it up. Add in farm-league fireballer Homer Baily in a few months, and the Reds could have one of the best starting rotations in the majors.

PGA Tour
Columbus born Ben Curtis recently won the Booz Allen Classic in Potomac Maryland. After winning his first tournament, and major, at the Old Course in Britain three years ago, many dubbed the Kent State grad a "one-hit-wonder." But Ben's recent victory should quiet his critics as he continues the legacy of great Central Ohio golfers.

World Cup
This has been the first year that I have been able to watch, and enjoy, the games of the World Cup. Watching Brazil dominate is much like watching OSU play the likes of San Diego State in American football. They have the ball practically the whole time, and as soon as the other team gets it, they steal it back. Also, the U.S. v. Italy game was awesome. I think the U.S. goaltender saved the game for them, with a couple of great blocks.

Unless you are a Steelers fan, check out this site.


  1. Thank you for the sports update. Yeah, this year for the world cup has been cool because I was rooting for USA and Austrailia. and I wish I could play like Ben Curtis.

  2. I am surprised you didn't metion that OSU booked some games with the mighty I-AA power house Y state. I didn't know that they needed to pad thier schedule any more than they already do. San Deiego, Cincintucky, a bunch of MAC schools. And I know Indidana.

  3. Joey,

    We actually got Daniel Gibson not Tucker... And the Shannon Brown Ron Lewis comparison is priceless!!!