Friday, May 26, 2006

Your Government at Work...

Thanks to Google, I just found that the Government has decided to eliminate a tax that was enacted in 1898. In order to offset the price of the Spanish-American war, they enacted a long distance phone call tax. 108 years later they got their fill. It really makes me wonder what other defunct taxes we still pay. There will always be some hidden tax, but where are those checks and balances. The 1898 tax was refined in the 60's so that it would still apply. The Spanish-American war was over then, Right? The only reason it was repealed was that Office Max and HP felt their phone bills were too high. If not for their teams of attorneys nobody would be the wiser. In the last three years alone phone companies paid the government $13B. Which they must now refund. WTF?! Sorry for the rant, it just amazed me (again)how inefficiently things are run in this great land we call home.

Again, my apologies, I'm off the box now.

On a side note I encourage everyone of you to watch the special on A&E about Lima Co. All I can say is damn. We all may have an idea of what goes on there, we may not all agree on any or all of the issues, but seeing the war from the perspective of the soldier is sobering. I have a new respect for Rob and the rest of those guys. To put a face to this issue brings things into frame. Luckily for us Rob is the Grand Marshal of the parade tomorrow rather than a name being read at the ceremony tonight.

All bullshit aside, I'm glad to know you all.

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  1. Don't apologise....good post. we need more 'stream of conscientiousness' posts....