Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Silly Monkey

I'm still recovering from the first listen to The New One (nothing like an evening with Maynard and Johnnie) - but if anyone has free time after 10:00 PM Thursday night I'm gonna be in town for about 12 hours (on the way to Virginia for Maureen's graduation).. I am planning to get back to the 'bus for a week sometime after May 16th - but don't use that as an excuse to catch an extra five hours of sleep Thursday nite.

Oh yeah, Seth, I've got a bottle of Big Bob's for you too - the good folks at Kroger's finally started stocking it.


  1. Nice looking out Pat. The Bob's is rumored to be the top shit. Give me a ring when your in town and we'll work out the handoff.

  2. So where too? I'm partial to byrnes... I haven't been there on a Thursday night in a while. Traci may be able to make it out if we head there. Any other ideas?