Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shottenstein Arcadium...

Tickets for the upcomming RHCP tour go on sale this Saturday. They'll be playing the Shott on October 30th... anyone interested? Tickets are $51.50. I know it's early but you'll be happy you have a ticket when you forget about the show. For other dates see ticketmaster.


  1. It's gonna be a last minute decision for me - unfortunately it's on a Monday which makes it a bit tricky - that and the about a half dozen trips I already have planned back to the Capital city for weddings, roasts, reunions, bachelor parties, barmitzvahs, etc..

    On the same note - they're gonna be in New Orleans the Saturday before the Columbus show (and Hotlanta the Thursday before).. if you're lookin for an excuse to visit the dirty south.

  2. Any thoughts on the new album? It's hard to really comprehend all the tracks... there's just so much music.

  3. I've only made it through the first disc once.. and it sounded great - I think I'm gonna hold off on disc 2 for a few days. Whatcha think?