Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shoot 'em up

Last night there was a gun fight between rapper T.I. and some local Natti thugs. Four of T.I.'s posse were hit by bullets and one is dead. Reportedly, it was a driving gun-battle that ensued just miles from my apartment. They closed down a portion of I-75 this morning and my drive to work jumped from 20 minutes to about an hour. It was all over the news this morning, here's a link to the story. Kind of makes me glad we're moving.

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  1. Crazy. T.I. Currently has the #1 R&B/Hip Hop Song on the billboard charts (number 3 on the hot 100) "What You Know". His album is number 5, and peaked at number 1. You can stream his video from their site. Wonder if this will help record sales?