Monday, May 15, 2006

LBJ's Baller Manual

Great article on talking about LeBron and how Kobe Bryant could learn a lot by watching LeBron's game three performance. Here's a killer quote...
"Kobe, this is how you lead a team.

You don't defer to the Bryant-ettes. You don't hide behind "the game plan." You don't enter a witness protection program, take just three second-half shots and score zero field goals in the last 24 minutes of a playoff elimination game...

If Bryant didn't see King James cut Detroit's series lead in half, then Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson ought to DHL him the game tape as soon as possible. James wrote a baller's how-to manual against the conference's -- and maybe the league's -- best team.

When the Pistons were up by those double digits, James didn't go into a funk (like Kobe did in Game 7 against the Phoenix Suns). He didn't pout (like Kobe did). He didn't play like he was on sedatives (like Kobe did).

He led. He inspired. He willed."

-Gene Wojciechowski

All hail KING JAMES!

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