Monday, May 01, 2006

HAIL!HAIL! the Avocado!

Pearl Jam is back with their 8th studio album(the one with the avocado on the front), their first with the independent "J" record label. The album is already being highly acclaimed as their best album since Vs. and trust me, it's a SCORCHER! They open the CD with a blistering set of 4 punk anthems that guitarist Mike McCready must have played with his hair on fire. They then settle in for some midtempo classics and a return to Eddie Vedder's special brand of lyrical storytelling that reminded me of songs like "Black" and "Rearview Mirror" . Although I'll admit there is a few fillers, the band finishes with "Inside Job", an epic closer written by McCready. They will be appearing on Letterman Thursday night and headlining one of the summer's best tours with My Morning Jacket and Tom Petty for a few dates. The official release is tomorrow, May 2nd, pick it up!


  1. Sounds like a winner. This is a big month for music... tomorrow Tool's new album comes out as well. Next week = New Chili Peppers... infact I've got a chili pepper post that should drop before the end of the day.

  2. AAHHH SNAPS! I almost forgot. The Black Keys will also be releasing a six song ep entitled Chulahoma-the songs of Junior Kimbrough. Junior was a north Mississippi blues man and I believe the founder of fat possum records, the label that the Keys reside on. Anyway, anyone that saw them in Cleveland knows their new songs were absolutely raw. Looking forward to that one.