Wednesday, May 03, 2006

England Have World Cup Worries

Wayne Rooney has "more than one fracture" and maybe needs a "miracle" to be fit for the World Cup, according to England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson. The Manchester United striker has since had a second scan on his metartarsal.

Eriksson said: "I knew yesterday [Tuesday] that he had more than one fracture. Miracles happen in life now and then, but I don't really know." United believe Rooney is six weeks away from training but Eriksson is still set to include him in his squad. England and Manchester United's medical teams meet on Thursday to discuss Rooney's chances of making the finals. Rooney broke his foot against Chelsea on Saturday and an initial scan after the match revealed just one fracture.

Although completely gutted by this news, what gets my goat the most is that now this gives England a reason to be miserbale and pessimistic...something we brits LOVE to do. Since Saturday a host of ex-England players, as well as current ones, have come out and pooh-pooh our chances of winning of the World Cup. Only a few weeks ago those same people gave us the strongest chance of winning it since 2002 when we reached the semi's.
My point is this...Rooney only has a relatively short England record, and although he has done well in each game, his temperament is questionable. I'm thinking particularly of the game against Spain when he got so angery on the field at a challenge against him he was substituted to avoid being sent off. We wont he game....without Rooney. So I know England can win without why the hell do England playes act so pessimistic!

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  1. It's in their blood. But seriously, loosing your top striker is a bitch. Rooney has a nack for goals, even if he is a head case.