Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl Count Down

The Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday in Detroit. I've come across some interesting Super bowl news during this week leading up to the game...
  • Being in Detroit, Windsor is expecting to see $80 million in business over the weekend (I'm sure Ye Olde Steak House will be packed!).
  • One of the 'Super Bowl' Stories is "Jerome Betis's coming home party. He's from Detroit and he's got family there... we know get over it.

I guess what I'm getting at is... who do you think's gonna win?


  1. I'm hoping Seattle will win and I think they will. Their offense should thrive in the indoors, and I think Tatupu and their defense is underrated. Did anyone see that hit he put on Goings two weeks ago? Knocked him stupid. Plus, Alexander is from Cincitucky and Jurivicius is from Brook Park, Cleveland (or as Rob Becker used to call it "Broke Park").

    Then again, Roethlisburger is from Findlay, and he's Miami grad. Has anyone ever driven past Findlay on 75? Their bridge says "Flag City". I guess that is one manufacturing job that won't get outsourced...yet.

  2. I'm hoping for the stellers but non one is really picking seattle which worries me,a lot. For fear of jinxing my team i refuse to make a prediction. On the other hand go hooosiers beat uconn!

  3. Weird - I was just watching sky sports (Like ESPN) and they did a segment with Brian McBridfe, who used to play for the columbus crew, 'explaining' the superbowl to English people. He talked about the parties, the pizza and beer and the commercial and rarely meantioned the actual game.....

  4. Yea the super bowl is much more than just a game... its one of the biggest television events of the year. People who don't watch football watch the super bowl... I heard some of the viewership numbers discussed earlier in the week and this is typically the biggest "shared" tv event of the year... kinda like the finale of celebrity Big Brother over there.

    It's the last "real" football game of the year, advertisers pull out all the stops, and its often used by cities to "re-image themselves". Oh yea the Rolling stones are playing at halftime too. All in all it's more than a game

  5. Oh yea, I kinda want the stealers to win (I've got a similar end of the career sympathy going for Jerome Betis that I did for John Elway a few years ago). But I'm starting to think Seatle will win it... who knows. Oh yea, I didn't mean "real football" as a slight... just real football game here... ROCK ON!