Monday, February 13, 2006

Pray To The Porcelain God

An experience beyond words.

Sophisticated sensuality.

Extravagance and performance.

And that's not all, make sure you click on the "Features" button...


  1. Wow, a remote controled shitter. That's a lot nicer than the shitter-to-go you can get at Home Depot for $89, wax ring, flange, brass screws and screw caps included.

    Ummm... what caused you to stumble upon this?

  2. googling "sensuality and performance"...

  3. I didn't expect a 360 view of the toilet... I thought that was only used on car web sites. Has anyone ever used a toilet with a water / jet nozzel? I've heard these types of high tech toilets are big in Japan. A heated seat ring would be nice, and the whole auto lift/flush thing is sweet. Just wait, soon they'll be RFID enabled and it will know what music to play and what aromatic sent to disperse when your finished with the deed.

  4. but it doens't have the ability to blogg while sitting on it. Now that would result in some good posts....

  5. great point, there's got to be a "Rate My Poo" Blog out there. If not, we could make a shit ton of money.