Thursday, February 02, 2006

It's just around the bend...

Let me tell a tale of legend,
Like none spoken of before,
‘Twas born on a street called Eastview,
Summoned only in days of yore.
We gathered ‘round porterhouse and pints,
And spoke of such a feat,
A place of happiness and pork,
Where all our friends would meet.
The first few came and went so fast,
It seemed like such a blur,
All we knew is we’d be back,
That we knew for sure.
Now, the OPR is five years old,
And improving every year,
So call the people that you know,
That love their food and beer.
Those of you from years gone by,
Can help to pass along,
That July the 1st, The OPR,
Is where we all belong.
In closing, we the founders three,
Have one promise to keep,
After this year’s OPR,
You’ll be needin’ sleep!

See you soon!!



  1. Wow, I didn't realize you were such a poet Seth. Nice one!!

  2. I'd be cool if you could space it out so it took on the shape of a pig... good work. I assume this is on the opr blog as well.

  3. it had a different format when I typed it out but it straightened the margin when I posted. It turned out pretty good for a 2am rhyme.

  4. Good stuff, the first four lines are classic.

    Did you guys hear that a Republican from Ohio was just nominated to be the chairman of the House of Representatives? His name is John Boehner and he's from Reading, a blue collar town just a few miles from my apartment. The town has lost tons of jobs and basically gone down the sh*tter, so hopefully he will try to bring some proseperity back to the state.