Thursday, February 09, 2006

Grammy Night

Note: I wrote this last night after the Grammys... just though it had been a while since I've posted in a 'stream of consciousness style'... enjoy. (oh yea the beastie boys rocked).

So the Grammy awards just got over and David Letterman is providing some commentary. Either him or Paul is becoming senile, I can't decide yet. The tea is hot and my legs are sore from playing basketball... I bet the dart throwing was fun. The Beastie Boys are set to perform so I might have to stay up for another 45 minutes.

I played 'old man' open-gym tonight so only watched the last ~30 minutes, enough to watch a Kanye/Jaime Fox marching band ditty and a nice big jam session with a bunch of stars.

The picture's from the U2 site: (Left to right: Dr. John, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint, and Edge). U2 took top honors for album of the year. According to their site they won 5 Grammys total. Who knows, maybe with a little help, this could be a solid POP NEWS Blog?


  1. UPDATE:

    Here's a Real-Player Video Clip of the Beastie's performance on Letterman.

    They played a montage of 3 MCs and One DJ & Say What'cha want. Mix-masta-mike totally reworked say what'cha want and it was crazy sweet.

    They were supporting their movie "Awesome; I Fucking Shot That" a concert film made by fans who were given video cams. News Link

  2. Then I'll do the same, but list the new up & commers in the UK music scene. The Artic Monkey's are still ALL OVER. And rightly so, the fucking rock! Let's hope they don't EVER change.
    The Editors also have real Euro-Rock, new romantic kinda vibe thing. The single 'Munich' demonstrating exactly what I mean.

    'Richard Ashcroft' has another grandly orchestral sounding album. It's typical Ashcroft - and he sounds more like Neil Diamond this time then last, something I thought would impossible - but it's still fucking mint!

    And finally, some tranatlantic respect. Ryan Adams new (Current?) album was good enough for me to hear in HMV, ask the dude "who is this?", and go buy it there and then. 'Nuff said.