Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Calming Political Article

I thought it was kind of nice to read this. Most of the articles you read these days along with peoples opinions around this area tend to be pressure heated to about 2000 degrees until they explode in a cloud of steam.


  1. That is a good non-partisan article. There are many good points about the perceived path of the economy in the upcoming decades. The best thing I saw was the breakdown of percentages. Your title hit the nail on the head Andy, it is calming to see that the largest deficit ever is still a reasonably low percentage of the GDP. I can’t imagine a post WW2 30 percent. That’s crazy. The next decade should be interesting with the baby boomers testing the capabilities of SS and medicare. Time will tell. Good Article

  2. I don't foersee massive economic upheval either... but we'll have to deal with all of the issues mentioned in the article... or wait till new ones come along ;)