Friday, February 10, 2006

Benvenuto a Turin

The opening ceremony for the 2006 winter Olympics is underway in Turin. The T.V. coverage begins over here at 8:00pm EST. I pulled this picture from NBC's live photo gallery, also I thought it might make for a good caption contest. I don't have any prizes, but hey it's Friday so get those sarcastic brains working. By the way can anyone record the opening ceremonies for me... I'll be out to dinner when everything goes down.
  • Caption 1: "Giant pipe smoking makes its debut as an exhibition sport at the Olympics. Officials aren't sure if fans are willing to put up with the second hand smoke".

  • Caption 2: "The 2006 Winter Olympics begin with the symbolic smoking of the 7 Olympic pipes which have replaced the dated Olympic rings logo."
-Alright those were prety lame... you got anything better?

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