Wednesday, January 18, 2006 : News : Red Hot Chili Peppers' Stadium Arcadium Has Some 'Retardedly Painful Funk'

More info on the upcoming Chili Pepper Album Stadium Arcadium...
  • Release Date May 9th
  • "...was going to be released in three separate parts. Frontman Anthony Kiedis was keen on the idea — and championed it — until he realized the third installment of the trilogy wouldn't surface for almost two years."
  • They Recorded 38 Tracks, cut down to 25 on the album
  • "John has really fallen in love with the art of treating sounds. [The album's] layered, but not in a heavy-handed way. John's work is definitely of the masterpiece quality, as a guitar player and sound treatment-ist. He has certainly gone to some weird ├╝ber-level of hearing some Beethoven-sized symphony shit in his head. He really shines on this record." -Anthony
  • The 13 tracks that didn't make it onto the final product might wind up surfacing commercially, after all, because "I'd be crushed if they didn't get heard," Kiedis said. But it won't be cheap for the truest of the band's fans to get them all. The singer said the idea is to release different versions of the album through different retail outlets, each with a unique bonus track. So fans who download Stadium Arcadium using iTunes would get one bonus track — say "Especially in Michigan" — while those who picked up their copy at Target would get a different bonus song — like "Mercy, Mercy."


  1. FYI: Flea is a huge Laker fan... check out his blog on

  2. Isn't Chad from Detroit Rock city and a Piston's fan?

    What was the name of the Lakers rap song they did, I think it was on Mother's Milk.

    LA Lakers, fast-break makers, kings of the court, shake-and-bake all takers, back-to-back is a bad ass fact, a claim that remains in tack...

  3. Good work on the intel Rock - "Beethoven-sized symphony shit" sounds great.. but is "Retardedly painful funk" good or bad?

    Also on the music front - Jaymz and boys are back in the studio.. so, if the past can predict the future, we should be getting a new Metallica album sometime mid/late '07 - god fobid they finish it in less than a year.

    Also, here's a decent article about Rick Rubin (produced for the Chili Pepper's, Audioslave, System of a Down, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, etc..)

  4. That is a really good article about Rubin. The man knows his shit. I love his Zen approach to everything. It sounds just like me, except for the part about being a vegan, millionare, all-in-all cool guy....

  5. Sweet article... rubin is the man... can't wait for a new metallica album either... I need to rock out! Anyone listened to the new system album? I got the first half... hypnotize? looks like I need to get mezmorize.