Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sinful Shirts...

I found this site linked to the Chuck Noriss Fact Sheet Joe posted earlier. They've got a ton of great shirts that would make excellent birthday presents (Ka... who's up next?). Also I just had a highschool flash back to Miss Godez's chemistry class... she made me cover up the word suck on a rage against the machine shirt I had. I think she did the same thing to Jared's lucky charms shirt that said something like 'made with 100% Dank'.


  1. Remember Nate's shirt that said:
    "Jeffery Dahmer"

    then it had a photo of him, and under it, it said:

    "All American Boy"

  2. I've been meaning to post something on this for awhile and it fits great right now.

    Check out T-Shirt

    There are some laugh your ass off shit on there. (Please note: I personally have never been "offended" by anything, but some things on here might cause some people to become upset, just a warning)

    Here's some examples -

    "Mace only makes me hornier"
    "Pedophiles are fucking immature assholes"

    Baby shirts - "Now that I'm safe I'm pro-choice"
    "Priest Magnet"
    "Daddy's little squirt" with cartoon sperm