Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hitting the slopes tipsy

Bode Miller
Originally uploaded by Jeah Dogg.
U.S. Olympic Skier Bode Miller was recently quoted on TV as saying that he had skiied drunk. Big deal, in my opinion skiing drunk makes it that much more fun. Plus who woulnd't party after winning an Olympic Medal. Hell, most of us skied drunk and our only accomplishment was getting on a bus for Mad River Mountain. Anyways, this dude is a hoss. He grew up in the woods in (Colorado?) and his family made like $600 a year. Now he has endorsement deals with Nike. Plus, he almost shares a first name with a ballsy skier of Gtown fame, senor Wakefield.


  1. I'm with you... I don't understand why people are making such a big deal about this... professional skiing isn't exactly major league baseball... I think he could walk into any grocery store in the US un-detected. After his olympic career is over, all he'll have is his reputation, a sponsorship, and a set of extreme videos (probably showing him getting drunk and doing a triple backflip off of ski lodge roof... go BODE GO!

  2. Yeah he grew up in the woods...on a 500 acre farm in New Hampshire. They may have lived on $600 a month for a food bill, but I'm sure that it takes some cash to own 500 acres in the New Hampshire country side. Poor underprivelaged people rarely get an opportunity to hone their skiing skills at the age of 7. He evn went to a private academy in Maine, the same one where other skiing prodigies on the US team went.