Monday, January 30, 2006

Here Come the Arctic Monkeys

Previously showcased here on G-town love thanks to our British Correspondent... The Arctic Monkeys released their debut album, breaking UK sales records to become the fastest selling album in history with more than 360,000 units moving off the shelves and into people cd players. [Via: BBC]

Check out their web page for more details. These guys remind me of other "classic" British rock... catchy melancholy lyrics, jumping rhythms, some anger, and a little distortion (I think they almost sound like the libertines). Be sure to check out their site, they've got a couple of videos, one staring an actor who's been in a bunch of the guy ritchie movies... he played Tommy in Snatch.

The BBC article also drops this important note regarding Arctic Monkey record sales figures...
"...they were denied simultaneous number ones in both the singles and album charts after When The Sun Goes Down was knocked off the number one spot by Notorious BIG, Diddy and Nelly with Nasty Girl."
R.I.P. B.I.G. (Go Diddy!)


  1. The Monkeys are indeed storming the UK, and rightly so. The track 'fake tales of san francisco' is one of my favourite as it rips the piss out of the pretentious NYC music scene. Apprently the monekys visisted there and were asked "you are so cool, you msut be from NYC or london?" to which they repiled "No, Rotherham, Mate"....

  2. The video for the monkey's is Here