Friday, December 09, 2005

Xbox 360: Part 3 Opinions

When I originally started this 360 post I thought I could get away with something quick and easy, focusing on the launch of the 360 here in the states. As work and party schedules got in the way of my blogging, more and more information on the 360 came out, hence the three part post. Stay on target...

Microsoft looks to have a really streamlined user experience on the 360. Having a standard online service allows them to do cool things like allowing you to subscribe to podcasts, get weather updates, read and send email, as well as video and voice chat. Sony recently announced that their forgoing the standard online system, allowing private game developers to manage and maintain their online systems. I think this is a big mistake... taking games online and integrating community features is the way to go. However, this brings up a very important point... what is sony going to provide with the PS3? It's hard for a lot of people to jump on the 360 bandwagon when there's nothing else to compare it to. The PS3 is gonna have a blu-ray drive, which means Hi-Def video content on your Hi-Def TV. Right now I'm leaning towards a 360... mainly because of the online capabilities and the overall user interface, but until Sony releases their console there is no clear winner.

I guess what's at the root of all these systems is the games... will an Xbox or PS3 ever be able to top this free flash game Escape! My personal record is 28 seconds.


  1. QUIT YOUR JOBS!! The pay may not be great, but you're supposed to love your job, right?

  2. Video games are a great escape from reality. If anyone buys a 360 or PS3 I will pencil in an all day plasticrack session. Especially if college football is involved. I'll buy the beer...

  3. There was an NPR storie on this a few weeks ago, they interviewed a young US girl who does the same thing during the summer... forget working at Big Bear