Monday, December 12, 2005

World Cup Groupings

I found this story on ESPN Page 2. An English guy will be keeping a diary during the World Cup, here are some of his thoughts on group E (the one including the US).

Group E
Czech Republic

" first thoughts were yikes and uh-oh. And after 48 hours, I still feel the same. Check a map. For Italy and the Czech Republic, these are basically home games, the U.S. has a horrible record on European soil and Ghana is the African team that everyone wanted to avoid. I have no doubt that the U.S. was the team that all the European nations wanted to avoid also. And for good reason. It is superbly coached, conditioned and plays with speed and confidence. The rest of the world will be rooting for the U.S. to fall flat on its face. Tell your soccer-hating friends that if they couldn't care less about how the U.S. does in these games, they are right in line with the French."

[Check out the rest of the story here]

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  1. The blokes right. Every major tournament draw has a 'group of death' and that is, without doubt, it. After their progress at the last world cup I'm highly worried about how far the US can go....perhaps too far!
    I am interested to to see what degree of support there will be for you guys too.

    By the way - i finally sold my car too!