Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oprah v. Dave Chappelle

This website is hilarious if you want "insight" into why Dave shut it down. Now Im sure there are nuggets of truth in the story but I doubt Oprah really was in his room and punched him in his chest.

Warning: To read the whole JFK-esque tale you will need a solid half hour.

Who said (Not just the movie):

"I did too meet Dr. Martin Luther the KIng... I was walking down the street and he walked up to me and punched me in my chest, I said 'Dr. King', He said 'Oh I thought you was somebody else".


  1. Eddie Murphy in Coming to America?

  2. Joey-Correct, he was playing the barber

    "You might remember him as Joe the policeman from the 'Whats Goin' Down' episode of that's my momma, give it up for Jackson Hghts own, Mr. Randy Watson....Randy Watson everybody!"

    Speaking of "celebrities", I forgot to mention that the last time I went to court, sitting in the lobby was Coach Quinichet (sp?)... He is there almost everytime. I have no idea why.

  3. Wasn't he cutting Cuba Gooding's hair at the time?

    I think Coach Q works for the county or the city. Jesse Odie Sr. was one of his bosses. Are you sure you were at court and not Private Dancer?

  4. I'm proud of your post ed... you broke through the "picture barrier" and you used your title as a link... you've mastered so much.