Monday, December 05, 2005

Ohio Football

Big Willy Style
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Marvin Lewis and Carson Palmer have the Bengals running full speed towards the playoffs. But the O-Linemen, led by 10 year vet Willie Anderson (right), are the unsung heroes that make their offense click. Anderson has started something like 90 straight games in the league. Could you guys imagine playing 16 Turkey Bowls a year, every year for about 5 or 6 years? The guy's got cajones, simply put.

And The Buckeyes will face off against the Irish on January 2nd in the Fiesta Bowl. ND will get 90% of the national media coverage up until the game, but OSU's devastating defense will prevail vs ND's high-powered offense. Deal with it Gorman.


  1. That Cinci vs Pittsburgh game was great, tons of offense, lots of big hits... Odel Thurman is a beast and Carson Palmer is a Pro Bowler. The OSU vs ND matchup will be an instant classic... whos going and how much are tickets?

    How many current Bengal players have been around since the 'Dark-Ages' i.e. the 1990s?

  2. I'm going - face value for tickets is around $80, on ebay they're around $300 - Rock and Joe, can your parents apply for tickets through OSU? If they can, you oughta buy 'em and sell 'em on the ebay.

    Are any of you guys going? I know it's a long way to travel to see the Bucks lose, but the weather should be nice and ASU has a good bar scene. If you need hotel info, I've got a couple links that list all the hotels near the stadium and allow you to book online.