Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gift Ideas

Well, the holiday season is upon us and I have yet to buy a single gift. And to make matters worse, instead of buying stuff I'm going to give some ideas for gifts.

For women, wine can be a nice suprise. I recommend Canadian ice wine, which was allegedly invented in the Niagra region just outside of Buffalo. It is especially strong and sweet. And as always, jewelry, clothes and perfumes are staples for the ladies.

For guys, cigars are a good present that can be enjoyed almost immediately after opening. Cuba is well known for having great cigars, but you have to have them shipped in. Dominican cigars are of essentially equal quality and are much more affordable.

For anyone, the new iPod would be a great gift. It holds video and like a million songs. Also, plane tickets and hotel reservations would be a great gift for parents, family or friends.

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  1. Here's another HOT Gift... as described in this clip from the Daily Show.

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