Monday, December 19, 2005

blogg problems

Erick maybe I am on crack but when I click on the view blog tab at the top of the screen it used to show me a cool view of the blog i really liked. it will not longer do this now it just opens up a blank all white window. did you change something?


  1. No chnages. You're just on Crack.

  2. It just worked for me... to be clear your talking about when your logged into the main bloger window (where you post new stuff) and you want to view blog... it opens a new window right... but it's blank? All that link is supposed to do is just open in a new window. Also that stuff is out of my control... I can format the way the blog it self appears and some functions of how the blog works, but that other interface is all out of my control and standard across all blogger blogs. If you ever experience a problem with the blog you can also check out (they're always tweaking things on the server end).

  3. I've had a few problems refreshing the blog... I often have to manually refresh to see the newest posts... might be a firefox thing...