Tuesday, November 22, 2005

WEEK 12 PREVIEW: Playoff Bells

***Out of respect for Erick/Traci's big announcement I predated this so it wont be on top of the blog. Congrats!!!!
To my sheer amazement, absolutly nothing was accomplished this week. In my extensive fantasy career I have never seen a season quite like this... FOUR TEAMS at 6-5, Jimmy at 5-5-1, and even Alex is in it at 5-6.

Basically, Im just gonna give the remaining games and a few interesting facts...Remember the tiebreaker info is only good for head to head ties

Here is the rundown:

Class of the league
Ed 10-1 (Ka, Brad)

The four teams at 6-5...aka SOMEBODY WIN TWO
Witt 6-5 (Gordo, Alex)(TB over no one of note, and low on points, Uh oh..)
Joe 6-5 (Erick, Gordo)(TB over Pat, Witt)(Not Alex)(Even with Brad)
Shea 6-5 (Brad, Lobao)(TB over Witt, Alex)(Not Joe)(won 1st game v. Brad)
Brad 6-5 (Shea, Ed)(TB over Alex)(Even w/Joe, Brad)(lost v. Shea)

Just a bit outside...
Jimmy 5-5-1 (Alex, Ka)(TB not good with Gordo)(The tie will either get him in or out)
Alex 5-6 (JIm, Witt)(TB over Joe)(Lost 1st time v. Witt)(Win 2?)

Fighting Chance
Gordo 4-6-1 (Witt, Joe) Good Luck!!!!

Continue to Spoil/See ya next year
Erick 3-8
Ka 3-8

The big Games this week

1. Brad (6-5) vs Pat (6-5): Winner of the upstart match looks REAL good, loser needs big help...

2. Jimmy (5-5-1) vs. Alex (5-6): Loser is basically done, Winner needs help still

3. Joe and Witt: See Game #1, need wins

***After this week, we will have one team at 7-5 (Brad or Pat) and Could have 4 teams at 6-6 (if Joe/Witt/Jimmy Lose)

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